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DSCN0379Acu-Relaxation is a 30 minute de-stress treatment.

It’s a mini relaxation treatment with a maximum effect.

We live in a time of increasing stress and as a service to stressed out people everywhere, including stressed out teens (must have parental consent), Three Treasures Acupuncture is offering a 30 minute de-stress treatment . Initial visit takes about 45 minutes and following visits only 30 minutes.

So enjoy taking 30 minutes for yourself to catch your breath and BREATHE!

It’s a mini vacation without packing a suitcase! An additional benefit will be a boost to your immune system.

Side effects of continual stress can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatigue plus many other illnesses.

Call for your appointment today and enjoy some personal relaxation time all done in 30 minutes! Or bring a friend and relax together!

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